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Jag undervisar i yoga sedan 1971 och sysslar för närvarande med att utveckla pedagogiska modeller för ett tydliggörande av dess natur, dess filosofi, dess metod, dess paradigm. Jag arbetar oberoende och är ej knuten till någon specifik yogaskola.
För tillfället består det mesta av mitt material här på LiveSpaces av engelska inlägg och länkarna härnedan, i de olika styckena, leder till diverse olika presentationer av yogans ideér, om det föreläsande jag sysslar med (jag föreläser på svenska) och även om lite annat om mig själv och mina projekt. Förmodligen blir det fler inlägg på svenska allteftersom.
På svenska presenterar jag ett entimmes Powerpoint-bildspel, i fyra avsnitt (avsn. 3 & 4 är dock fortfarande preliminära), om yogans paradigmatiska natur, om dess anammande av en processuell rekursiv algorytmi* (se fotnot) och i det dess effektuerande av ett mer fullständigt nyttjande av vår livspuls i dess regelbundna vandring mellan vila och aktivitet, yogaparadigmets två parametrar. Denna presentation visar på en funktionell metafor vars heuristik tydliggör yogans filosofi, se: Yogans Natur. (Själv uppskattar jag svåra ord och abstrakt metaforik, men i mina presentationer strävar jag efter att definiera luddiga begrepp, och kanske även underhålla lite.)


Hi there,

Hereaboves in the Folders‘ section (of this An Another Albatross Goes Arundo blog [click the link if you don't see the 'folders']) there’s a folder named ‘Metaphor‘ (the files whereof are there situated on this blogs affiliated SkyDrive) – therein, in that folder, are presentations of mine on the paradigm and the nature of yoga: ( 1. ) The Paradigm of Yoga: Rest & Activity, a short treatsie, really an informal thesis on ( 2. ) The ‘Nature’ of Yoga, on its philosophy and method. 
Yoga, as I see it, implies a dynamic, recursive, algorhythmic* (see note at end) process for to implement a deep wakeful rest to the psycho-physiological system, a process to create an effortless algorhythmically enhanced flow towards that stable state of system-wide stillness of ‘the cogito’ and ‘the body’ which brings an enhancing wonder to life. Yoga applies a method for to establish deep peace (Yoga is the Settling of the Mind into Silence., Patanjali, Yoga-Sūtra, 1:2, the first step of yoga), this state then becomes a platform for the infusion of the qualities of that peace in ones life of action (Established in Yoga, perform Action. Bahagavad-Gita, 2:48, the second step of yoga). To be of no action in life is not possible, we must act to survive and would of course wish to do so in the most effective way possible. Yoga ensures that our acts will be not only about survival but also about the expression of creative inner joy, to radiate a sense of wonder in all we do. Yes, there are two dynamics to yoga: rest and activity. (“Go out and Lose it, then come back.”, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi [see bullets 9 & 10 below], Lecture, Mallorca, 1971.)
Here belows I have collected a few links to my cyberspace lessons in the fine art of Yoga. (By the way, I do go under the nomé Albatross here in cyberspace, and at times as Sandrian the Albatross.)
A short treatsie by me on Yoga (2008, 178 p [but it's in a large font], a new edition of 2010 is on it’s way), an informal thesis really (very informal).
I look upon yoga as a method to balance the extremes of lifes demands, the highs versus the lows, the gains versus the losses, the deeper desires and the need to understand life versus long stretches of mundane day to day encounters at workplace or home, some glad some sad, in the daily sparkles of existance burnished to whatever splendor we manage. A yoga to balance things, a yoga to enjoy, a yoga to render life complete. It ain’t magic, yoga is a process over time, it needs continuity. Rest & Activity! Yoga stabilizes lifes pendulum swings ‘tween these extremes in the sustaining of an algorhythmy, so to say, over said dynamic swings. Yoga is yet another dynamic recursive algorhythmy that sweeps superposed over the whole panorama of life and balances it, harnesses the extremes.
In the explanation of this recursive methodology of algorhythmy as regards yoga I take recourse to an heuristic metaphor I have developed, The Tree of Life (graph). This is a functional metaphor to show the interrelationships and interactions of the eight aspects of yoga (as per Patanjali) – from the graphic, visual structure of this metaphor an effortless process is discerned, its dynamic an algorythmy, the application thereof a means for to accomplish the deep inward dive into full-spectrum rest and peace.
The title link, hereabove, of this bullet leads to an easily readable (first edition) on-line version at Issuu.com (click the link, great on-line publishing), from there the document is also downloadable as an Acrobat pdf-file. (Being a first edition this text has seen quite a few amendments since I uploaded it. I hope to have the new edition available as soon as I manage.)
On my SkyDrive (of this blog) the said pdf-file is here, in the ‘Metaphor‘ folder.
2. Yogans Natur (in Swedish); The Nature of Yoga (in English).
An animated Powerpoint slideshow in two languages, Swedish & English.
This is a presentation on the nature of yoga, its definition, its perspectives, its background, its reason and purpose, its about the eight aspects that comprise it and its about an approach in method for to make the promise of yoga a reality. I present an heuristic metaphor, a functional metaphor, a schemata, The Tree of Life (graph), that I have construed for to anchor all the concepts of yoga in one wholity, so to say, and I also dig into the historical roots of yoga to uncover a prototype (almost) of said metaphor, a proptotype of the structure of yoga on unearthed seals from the Vedic age of ca. 2500 B.C. to 1700 B.C.: the Steatite/Paśupati Seal, and the Mohenjo-daro Seal. (The links here lead to pictures of respectively my metaphor and the seals of yore.)
This presentation whereof sections one and two are of abouts half an hours length is intended to be lectured over by me, though I have constructed it so as to be able to be used in a stand alone setting. (I’ve tried to time the text-boxes with a reasonable reading speed. In lecturing as I speak I quite often point to stuff in the ‘slide-show’ as the talk goes on, basically I say, in different words, what the text in itself tells, although I use the ‘pause’ button ever so often to be able to explain the details, thus no-one is required to read in the public setting, in that setting the text merely serves as visual backup of what I’ve just said).
The English version consists of only the two first sections (ca. half an hour) but the Swedish one has an additional two sections, sections three and four (these sections, 3 & 4, also comprise of abouts half an hours length of presentation totalling this Swedish version to almost an hours length). An English version of sections three and four is in the works and should soon (well, as time allows) be available.
This link refers to another one of mine blogs, at ‘Blogspot’, one whereon I write in an hariolatory (not too unfounded speculative guesswork) manner on yoga and science. On this blog I focus on an interesting idea in neurophysiology which attributes a sort of basal consciousness to every single biological cell, particularly the neuronal ones, the neurons, the nerve cells of the brain, supposedly capable of receiving ‘rich’ information, enough to individually, each and every one, to offer up the ‘story’ of self. In the piezo-electric dynamism of a cells membrane a ‘conscious’ field (crudely speaking) may be generated, as photonic input (via exchange of biological energy potentials) in reaching a cell via its synapses is transduced into sound, a phononic field emerges, of which all quanta are full, unreducible (as the quality of sound of a bell depends on there being no crack in it, the purity of tone tells the whole ‘story’ of the bell), and thus a single cell might, hypothetically, be capable of behaving as Leibnizs’ monads‘ (each monad is like a little mirror of the universe). This theory, more coherently propounded by Dr’s Steven Sevush & Jonathan C.W. Edwards, is named ‘The Single Neuron Theory of Consciousness’, and talking generally about it one could say that it is a theory on Single Cell Consciousness (this link leads to an external site, one of Professor Edward’s, see much more on this topic there).
An illustration, a graphic, of this my speculative hariolatory may be seen on another blog ‘o mine (next reference):
This link thus, as per the last paragraph above, leads to yet another blog of mine and the next one here leads specifically to that particular graphic: A Gathering of Single Cells!. In an humouristic way I attempt to entertain a bit with this playful incorporation of my ‘heuristic’ metaphor on yoga, The Tree of Life (graph), into the essentials of ‘The Single Neuron Theory of Consciousness’.
This is the first blog I ever started, but a few years ago, so in addition to my yoga stuff you will there find quite a variegated assortment of my somewhat ‘arty’ mind-benders and a few fine far flung flights of fancy.
5. Heaven & Earth (in English).
This is my homepage whereon I take my first tentative steps towards giving an expression to the heuristic metaphor The Tree of Life (early thinkings of a few years back on this), a metaphor to make visible the structure and dynamic of the yogic paradigm of rest and activity. Out of this metaphor it is, as I see it, possible to derive a recursive process, of both mental and physical nature, to easily avail the psycho-physiological system a deep relaxation and inner peace, through an effortless algorhythmy, so to say.
On these pages I also attempt a few scientific hariolations (speculative, but not unfounded, guesswork) on the ‘Ontology of Word‘, the ‘Game of Life‘ a toy model of a deterministic universe, there’s stuff on the ‘Cosmological Microwave Radiation‘, there’s a cosmological ‘Timeline of Emergence‘, et. al., and lot’s of odds and ends. (Now, of ‘Turing Machines‘ there’s a presentation on this blog, strangely it’s in the ‘The Single Cell‘ folder.) All this for the great fun of it, for the sense of wonder it brings (to delve some into science as such – myself I’m a layman in these things but I enjoy the challenge to express myself coherently on subjects such as these).  
On this homepage I also do present a few of my Electric Mercury Landscapes (oil paintings) and other diverse playful stuff.
And, yes, before I forget – there is a nice scan (in a few different resolutions) of a Tibetan Mandala on this my homepage, possibly painted in 1975 by an artist monk from the encampment of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsaala in northern India. I bought this painting, of 71 x 50.7 cm (painted area), in a shop in New Delhi, India, in 1981 while attending a yoga course there, so I guess that makes it legitimate for me to display it this ways on my homepage, I talk a bit more about it there (it’s also availabele from this blog here see the folder ‘Mandala‘ in the ‘Metaphor‘ dito). 
6. HRIH Yoga-Forum (in English).
In this forum, which takes its motifé from the teachings of Master Patanjali, I have endavoured to present my ideas on yoga somewhat. The link leads to a topic I created on the HRIH forum for to present my ideas on the wholity of yoga in terms of a paradigm: rest & activity. See my forum-posts there under the nomé Albatross.
7. Yoga Journal Blog (in English).
This is a blog ‘a mine at Yoga Journal. I started it up a short while ago, spring 2009. I haven’t written much yet in that space, but I do talk some on the same stuffs as on all my other places in the cyberworld. Other words, same things, same Albatross.
8. The Brights Forum (in English).
In all these thinkings of mine on yoga and other stuffs I do strive to align myself with a naturalistic world view. As The Brights motto goes, To illuminate and elevate the naturalistic world-view. Well, so I write now and then, and rather freely too, on said forum under the nomé, as said, of Albatross. Have a look.
9. Lecturing / Föreläsningar (in Swedish).
Länken i titeln ovan leder till en presentation av mig själv och mina föreläsarambitioner.
Som jag nämnde i min inledning undervisar jag i yoga sedan 1971, och sysslar, för att ta det en gång till, för närvarande med att utveckla pedagogiska modeller för ett tydliggörande av dess natur, dess filosofi, dess metod, dess paradigm. Att jag arbetar oberoende och ej är knuten till någon specifik yogaskola ser jag som en tillgång, jag är i och med det ej bunden till någon organisations policy utan kan fritt fokusera på yogans historik, dess rötter, dess tillämpande och i allt detta visa på den relevans yoga ännu har, att visa hur dess metoder, dess process, dess syfte erbjuder en djupare balans i dynamiken mellan vila och aktivitet även fär den moderna människan.

I am based in Sweden so naturally my reach is somewhat restricted to the local turf, and really, most of my lecturing is done in Swedish (would be fun to try this out in English too someday), so, there’re no lectures in the pipe-line in English for me at the moment. The Swedish link above leads to a presentation of the work I engage in as lecturer in Swedish in the land of Sweden, so to say. Well, I have been teaching yoga since 1971 and a great joy it has been. Now, although I have my roots, as many do, in the organization of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi teaching Transcendental Meditation I am yet unnaffiliated, free as a bird, since, well, since The Maharishi fired all, yea all, his teachers a few years ago and then restructured his movement. So that left many of us, teachers of Maharishis method of ‘transcendence’, high an’ dry. There were a few re-certification courses after that but, well, my budget didn’t cover that sort of expense. The Maharishi passed away peacefully last year, 2008, and, of course, that would be the final formal tie broken (‘cept the abstract ones of heart and mind) as concerns the legitimacy of this mine ambition to make yoga (whereof meditation is one aspect) understandable and graspable as a whole, to illuminate, to inluminate, its wholity. And yes, I do it all on my own. Yeah! Anyways, I regard myself today as an unnaffiliated teacher of yoga, bound by no policies of any school of yoga, on a quest to demonstrate, in modern language, the sense and relevance of ancient algorythmy.

Around 1975 Maharishi Mahesh started delving into the Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali (a short treatsie on the philosophy of yoga from abouts 2000 years ago) which made me realize the further extent of yoga – all the aspects of yoga have to be taken into account for the wholity of yoga to be graspable, yoga is not only about movements of the body or only about meditation, no, there are eight aspects to the philosophy of yoga: morals, ethics, the body, breath, withdrawal, focusing, meditation and the sense of wonder (my phrasings here are very generalized expressions of the aspects, and they all refer to yogic algorhythmy as such and do not, in this context, form the base of any ideology). Taken together they comprise all of what yoga is and all of what it has to offer – deep inner peace and a dynamic stance in activity. So this is what I teach, the wholity of yoga.
This link here leads to a song I wrote around the time of The Maharishis passing, Flower Power. This song presents my gratitude to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for all the joy and love in life his teachings have granted me over time, this is my homage to a Master Teacher. The link will take you to my My Space, this song is #1 in the songlist there.
Many other songs of mine are to be found at Reverb Nation (23 of ‘em, all in all, at the moment). Listen to Another Albatross at Reverb Nation. These are songs from a suite of my three most recent albums, True Love Affair (2004), A Poetical Extravaganza (2007) and Flower Power (2009), taken together they are The Wild River Collection, the mp3’s whereof you’ll find in the ‘songs‘ folder in the ‘folders‘ section hereaboves. (In the albums, per se, I have included a few covers and there are still a few songs I have to get on-line yet, I’ll have some 30 songs up there, maybe even more, when time allows, so, more to come.)
I started this blog-post with the mention of them SkyDrive folders above so I think it turns out a fitting conclusion to draw your attention, dear reader, to some of the other folders therein, I got a li’l of everything in ‘em. Yes. Do take a look in the ‘Mandala‘ folder in the ‘Metaphor‘ folder on this blog. As I said above, in reagards of my homepage Heaven & Earth, I tell more of The Mandala there.’
Enjoy the reading (and the listening),
* Algorhythmy ~ a recursive (algorithmic, in a way) process which takes advantage of the minds natural propensity to swing between the two extremes of life, rest & activity; a continued application over time, in a regular manner (Yoga-Sutra, 1:14), of said process, allows for the psycho physiological system to experience both deep rest and dynamic activity, the two basic ingredients of life, their tuned balance then becomes an encouragement for all lifes qualities to come to the fore.

The Paintings of Diana Janavičiené – II

(Updated; 20 July 2008, 21:16, GMT+01:00.)

Paintings by Lithuanian Poet / Painter Diana Janavičiené.
Flower – Through a Macroscope Viewed.


Big Flower
Oil on Canvas, 54 x 65 cm, 2008.
Little Big Flower
Oil on Canvas, 33 x 41 cm, 2008.
(This is the canvas that once was the painting "In the Wind". See my last entry below.)
Two more flower paintings here, variations on a view, incredible close-ups this time. Quite obviously influenced and inspired by the fantastic work of Georgia O’Keeffe (who in her art often explores the harmonious arrangements of line, color, and notan [the Japanese system of lights and darks]).
Once, many years ago, when I visited ‘Louisiana‘ in Denmark, the museum of modern art (well worth a visit), I bought a book full ‘a photos of them beautiful paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe for my daughter (Nina – who also enjoys painting as a mode of expression). O’Keeffe is famous for her macroscopic close-ups, especially of Orchids. So, as Diana, now partnerin’ up with Art, with a string of paintings rendered, creative fervour ablaze, passioned, testing this, testing that, going for larger formats, unveiling and vectoring the unfolding seeds of her talent, as Diana soared in this dymnamic, I got it into my head to feed the flame and borrowed the li’l O’Keeffe book off ‘o my daughter for Diana to peruse. An’, da-da-di-do! The Lady immediately picketeth up an’ transfometh that input in a grand way. Doh!
For more examples of Dianas work see the folder "Dianas Paintings" above.
For other perspectives on Dianas and mine collaborations over the past two years see my other two blogs:

The Paintings of Diana Janavičiené – I

(Updated; 20 July 2008, 11:50, GMT+01:00.)

Paintings by Lithuanian Poet / Painter Diana Janavičiené.
The "Flowers" suite.


Oil on Canvas, 55,5 x 46 cm, 2006.
Oil on Canvas, 40 x 40 cm, 2007.
 (There’s a slight Moiré effect here, I’ll have to fix this. /Alby)
Oil on Canvas, 32,5 x 41 cm, 2007.

In the Wind
Oil on Canvas, 33 x 41 cm, 2007.
This is one of Dianas ‘lost’ paintings.
Possessed by a heady rush of inspiration,
but under the constraint of a momentary lack of resources (no new canvases),
Diana grabbed this beauty
and turned it into another li’l beauty "Little Big Flower" (upcoming).
Well, over these past two years, as I wrote songs, Diana painted the paintings displayed here above and quite a few more, we worked in tandem, so’s to say (and well we did). Diana also collaborated with me on a couple of songs (see elsewheres on this blog).
The story of this creative ambition of ours and of how it all came about I would like to reflect upon a bit more and will so do as I in future entries here aim to present and discuss more of Dianas beautiful work. Diana actually learned the art of painting while living here at my place, renting my spare room for two years as she went abouts lookin’ for them opportunities life does offer now an’ then. She didn’t know she had it in her, never havin’ done any real painting before. Well, I happen to have an home atelier, so’s to say, an’ thus, so’s to fill her spare time Diana, at my suggestion, began to use the studio, an’ my, did she produce, these paintings here above give, at least me, an impression of flair, dynamics, surety, resources, if I didn’a know Diana never painted before I’d never have guessed. The Lady has talent, she has! Yes.
But, anyway, do look around a bit here, on da’ blogh (at the top here, in the folders section, there’s a folder named "Dianas Paintings", I intend to upload all of Dianas best work to this folder – I’ll have them high resolution files there as well), and do take a look at my other two blogs for bits and pieces of the whole mosaic of Dianas and mine fruitful cooperation. See: "An Another Albatross Wanders and Wonders" and "An Another Albatross Arrives".

“Coincidence” – A Film!

Updated; 4 July 2008, 12:42 (GMT+01:00).
Hiya Folks,
An inspiring thing happened to me just the other day. Two songs of mine ended up in a little film, "Coincidence", by Richard Girvan of New Zealand.
As I post now and then at The Brights Forum there was this topic of a few weeks ago, "Einstein, Instincts and Rationality", that induced me to an underhanded response of sorts: a song! As for that response, at first a few lines of prose, seemingly, befell me, these then I promptly molded into short stanzas of lyrical phrasing as I ruminated on the relevances of love, life, art and reason. On impulse I then ‘a grabbed my guitar an’ explored a few riffs against that lyric, and, voilá, a song! I did have to rework the original lyric just a li’l bit though, but after resolving the lyric I straight away headed for my recording gear and had me a li’l take of this song, "I Love Life", then, next morning, after a slight rework of the bridge I had another go at recording this short li’l reflection (this li’l tune all but tangents the two minute mark). This second take is the one I present here, it is now on the songlist of my latest album, "Flower Power". This album taken together with, "A Poetical Extravaganza", my album of last year, these two, may, as fused aggregates, be construed as a wholity "The Wild River Collection"  19 songs ‘a my own (two of these written in collaboration with Lithuanian Poet/Painter Diana Janavičiené; hear the songs "Everything is Music" and "Reflection") along with a few covers of Bob Dylan and of Paul Anka, an hefty 26 songs all in all. Be welcome to enjoy.
After finishing this song "I Love Life" I posted it for The Brights to hear, an’ wrote a bit on it too. (Go see!)
Now. Here are the lyrics:

I Love Life

Everybody wants a love story,
Love stories are perfect.

Well. Life is not perfect,
So, life is not a love story.

Love is a fantasy.

We dream the real from the unreal,
At least we strive so to do.

At times we do Reason,
At times it is Art we engender.

O, Life is Art as Art is Love:
May Reason walk that stage.

Life, Art and Reason
I will illuminate and elevate.

Ah, I Love you all.

Well. Anyway. The days passed an’ then one day, ’bout two weeks ago, I was surprised. A PM popped up in my inbox at The Brights. It was from abovementioned Richard Girvan, a student of the Art of Film, and he seems to have taken a liking to this song that he’d come across at the ‘abeforementioned brights, obviously liked it much enough to be prompted to ask me if he could use it in a small project-film he was in the process of producing. "Of course", I say. "Go ahead". "Do whatever you can with it". In the final end Richard ended up using two of my songs in his film "Coincidence" (go see! it’s on YouTube); As the introductory headings, title an’ all that, pass by, the instrumental part of the song "Words" helps set up a suggestive contemplative backdrop mood for what is to come, and as the film comes to it’s utter and devastating conclusion the song "I Love Life" cuts in and carries the credit roll and other diverse paraphernalia directors love stickin’ in at the tail-ends of their films. Hey I loved it!
Richard writes a bit on his film, "Coincidence ", at The Brights under the nomé "Wainscotting". See his topic on it: "Need a name for my Mini-Drama".
My li’l lyrical ambition herebys with this song ‘a mine did have the additional ignitive effect as to fuel a sparkling of the effervent wine of poesy by fellow Bright PyotrZ. (See his post on this.) The resulting verseys go untitled as of yet, but here’s the li’l piece:
The rare is not fantastic,
The precious not a phantom.
Love is the object of the counterfeit,
The golden founding of all value.
Real it is:
Alas – reality made valid by its finity.
Each love story is a tragedy.
Nice one.

Flower Power!

An Homage to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Updated; 3 July 2008, 10:30 (GMT+01:00)
My album "Flower Power", of a bunch ‘a songs, has undergone quite some changes lately, and there’s also some other new stuff that has been introduced (see "The Single Cell", in the folder "Metaphor", for more on this see my last post from 19 April) on this blog here these last few months, and the information on all this, which I herby attempt to provide, has thus been in urgent need of updating. So, I wrote a few lines of explanatory to go into my folders along with the songs themselves. This info, and some lyrics (to but a few songs, as of yet more to come) are accessible from their particular folders and are uploaded thereto in the pdf format (the songs are in the mp3 format). Now, I do think those reflections might be a good way to somewhat emphasize the change of appearance and tone that this new album has undergone to a more general audience (you, my reader, who might ‘a just ‘a surfed in hereto), so this here below is what I wrote about my album just a few hours ago:
Hi again,
Well, I did intend to update this info on a more regular basis, but anyway, here they are; 14 songs, 4 of which are cover songs. There were slightly too many cover songs in the last incarnation of this album, seven to be precise (some of these I’ve since moved to other folders), but new songs kept arrivin’ so now I feel the balance has shifted some, quite, as it well should, towards the compositions of yours truly, me that is. I’ve retained four cover songs: three of Bob Dylans’, “If Dogs Run Free” from the album “Planet Waves” (1976), “Stuck inside of Mobile (with the Memphis Blues again)” from “Blonde on Blonde” (1966), and the beautiful ballad (in three), “To Ramona” from “Another Side of Bob Dylan” (1964), and then I also lightly cover the famous Paul Anka song “Diana” (1957). My appropriation of this last song has a li’l story of it’s own to tell, for more detail have a look arounds on my blogs: (1) "An Another Albatross Goes Arundo" here at LiveSpaces, or view the the LiveJournal one, (2) "An Another Albatross Wanders and Wonders" (where I pass under the nomé ‘Sandrian’), or have a quick listen to selections from both the albums "Flower Power" and "A Poetical Extravaganza" at my MySpace site (3) "An Another Albatross Arrives". Thus as, uh, calculated, the remaining ten songs are of my own construct.
This past February/March (2008) I suddenly felt that from amongst all the songs I’d been writin’ an’ coverin’ a mood had coalesced to unite a few different strands of expression. With the songs “Flower Power” and “There are Days” and with also the new takes of “Time after time” and “Love Boogie”, an’ new songs arrivin’, as said, as per some intent inner drive, I felt I had found a more personal tone to my songlist, now a somewhat laid back ballady cohesion of a lightly held contemplative frame of mind to be contrasted with the earlier mix, now there are only a few covers, duh’, a jazzy tune and a couple of songs of basic blues an’ ballad style. This arrangement brings my own stuff more to the foreground which, I think, is just abouts appropriate and relevant as my songs then embrace the covers instead of, ah, the other way round, thus my own views may with ease, perchance, surcharge the listener with an overall dynamic comprehension of the themes of the work at hand, and may thus easily, also, be gathered upon the subjective and more personal shores of cogitance for deeper cogent reflection. All the 14 songs I have then fused into a choreographed mix to avoid the trap of monotony of song order.
So, here you are, my album: Flower Power (An Homage to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi). Mahesh Prasad Varma, the Maharishi, passed on in early February (2008) and as I’d written and recorded the title song in the timeframe of Maharishis retirement, in middle January (2008), from the movement he instigated and navigated, and his abovementioned ‘ascent’ (to which I apply a ‘bright’ sense), as my own perception of all these songs became more acute I was impelled to present my work under a dedication, as an ‘homage’. I do feel a deep affinity for the life work of the guy ­ then more songs just started happening: “Sweet Jane”, “Good Things Ahead”, “Shake A Leg (for Curt)", “Common Ground”, “Step by Step” and lastly a final surprise, “I Love Life”. Yay! Zonts! Lo an’ Behold! I have a more poignant production to offer. And, Ah, Yes. The authours of the cover songs are not necessarily obliged to concur with the choice of the dedication applied here. And. Do, do, if time allows, take a look at, have a listen, to my production from last year (2007), "A Poetical Extravaganza", here you’ll find an additional 12 songs, whereof one is a cover, Bob Dylan’s "Desolation Row" .
These songs, of the two productions mentioned, were all recorded on the spur of the moment, in a couple ‘a sets, at home, in my living room (an’ I do have neighbours) ­so thus that ambience. I also am grateful to my, at that time, housemate Diana Janavičiené for the kind courtesy of acting as my single audience in this setting, ‘cept for the birds an’ the bees an’ the wind that rushes. A few of the songs I did record immediately after I’d written them (if I don’t do this I may forget some specific characteristic of that newest song overnight, and then theyre gone) and these are the best and only takes I have at the moment, so there be a few windfalls (I’d ‘a like to redo this all in a proper studio). At times I do these songs well enough, but alas, those precious moments often go unrecorded. Still, I think that these ‘demoes’ are quite passable and that they do provide an overall perspective of the deeper motifs of dramatic occurrence I myself at times apprehend, if but somewhat obliquely, in these, well, purviews on Life, Love and the World that I share here. So. Some sweet soul (maybe even you, dear reader of this) might perchance enjoy some this or that in all this, all thatt’a do-da a’dah sing-song exuberance of mine.

“The Nature of Yoga – In the Light of an Heuristic Metaphor”

Updated; 11 June 2008, 21:32 (GMT+01:00) 
Hiya all,
Well here it is, a presentation on the nature of Yoga, "The Nature of Yoga – In the Light of an Heuristic Metaphor" (this link points to a PowerPoint pps file of ca. 3 MB in my "Metaphor" folder on my Public folders SkyDrive area here, see top ‘o mi Space here, or just click ‘a the link). (There are, for sure, regrettably, still a few typos in the document, I think, but I’ll have them corrected any day soon, when I find ‘em – I have worked this document in both the laguages of Swedish and English, goin’ back an’ forth ‘tween ‘em, an’ there’re a lot of things to keep in mind. So.) Well anyway, this document is free for to use and to quote from – as a complimentary, please, do include the original reference if you pass this on.
As this presentation grew out of a series of lectures I’ve given over these past two years (I’ve been workin’ in the field of Yoga since 1971) on the nature of Yoga, its aspects, their interrelations and possible application and whatever, I’ve actually seen it do what intended and am thus quite happy to pass on this idea of all the aspects of Yoga finding their origin and expression in the connectivities of the meditative process of Yoga, which be of recursivitie (ho!), and of the nature of the mind, as nominally considered from a phenomenological yet existential middle ground (which I think is based on properties of the single neuronal cell – a little far fetced, perchance, but do hang on) and that has, that is of an enjoyable characteristic. Here we find our ‘Common Ground’.
To all this I apply a naturalistic view.
So far, in this presentation, I present the first two parts of it, "Basics and Context" and "Approaches" – ‘though I have parts three, "Three Dynamics" and part four "The Process of Thinking" in an almost complete state. In these I go deeper into processual and theoretical considerations, lookin’ at the subtly sublime, givin’ it a peek, no hidin’ place for nothin’. Part five, "Naturalisms" attempts to anchor this my ‘Heuristic’ metaphor on the eight aspects of Yoga (Ethics, Morals, Posture, Breath, Withdrawal, Focusing, Meditation [The Meditative Process] & [Dynamic] Bliss) in a naturalistic manner by incorporating the structurality of this metaphor "The Tree of Life" into even the minisculity of a single neuronal cell. Thus a naturalistic vindication of the Yogic promise of deep rest, rejuvenation and dynamic reach may, finally, be attained.
(For a bit ‘a ‘just fun’ see my ‘Single Cell illustration‘, in them folders here, in which I playfully strive to fuse the abstract structure of the proposed metaphor onto, as an overlay, the concrete properties of a neuron, a brain cell [there are actually three of 'em in the illo, to suggest an input/output network]. I’ll get deeper into this in a future post.)

By the way. There’s no audio in this thingy as I’m supposed to lecture over the frame flow, but I’ve gone for a relaxed tempo to allow for a stand alone product, to be enjoyed on its own. The presentation is, as said, in a PowerPoint pps format which is supposed to start immediately as soon as you open the file. So if you be of wont to spend abouts half an hour for to learn of the ins an’ outs of Yoga – sit down (somewhere where you may avail yourself of a surrounding conducive to a lecture), let go, and be astounded on what enormous effortlessness and ease the Philosophy of Yoga declares!

Well enjoy,

More Songs

Hi Folks,

If you take a look in one of my SkyDrive folders (the ‘Songs‘ folder, of the ‘Files’ section) you’ll find gathered a bunch ‘a songs I recently wrote (except for two songs, see below, and some covers, which I didn’a write, of course) and recorded. There’s music here to fill two CD’s: "Flower Power", 12 songs, and "A Poetical Extravaganza", also 12 songs. The covers are of Bob Dylans': ‘Desolation Row’, ‘If dogs Run Free’, ‘If Not for You’ and others, and then there’s the one Paul Anka song ‘Diana’. These are all part of my repertoire nowadays and though I mangle them a bit I do feel quite satisfied with them.

This whole thingy, two albums, was all recorded on the spur of the moment, it’s all live takes (living room ambience) with no overdubs. My housemate Diana Janaviciené collaborated with me in the writing of two songs ‘Reflection’ and ‘Everything is Music’, and listened, and worked, as I recorded, you can clearly hear her brushwork in the background on ‘Flower Power’ (she was ‘a paintin’ a flower painting).

My own songs on these two productions, and the two with Diana, were written over the past two years. In these songs I’ve attempted a ‘Bright’ look at life (see: The Brights) – well that’s how I look at things. "The Future is Bright."



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